Rick MusicMan Rivera

Rick also known as the “Musicman” started playing music at the age of 7. He studied at Boys Harbor in NYC, first as a percussionist then as a drummer. Following a relative’s influence to play numerous instruments he became a multi-instrumentalist. 

Rick has also played in several Off-Broadway productions and has released several CDs of his own original music under “One Man’s Production.” He is a veteran of the 80’ and 90’s – playing the blues scene in NYC, as well a session player for other groups playing blues, rock, latin, and other genres. He has recorded with such bands as "The Problems", X-it-5 (whom he also played with Myztico) and now currently recording with the Psychedelic Soul Rock band "Brooklyn Bonez".  Rick is the owner and founder of “My Kids Studios”.

Can be found actively found in NYC as a session player.

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